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Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship to every country allowed by the USPS.  You can proceed to checkout as usual and input your address. 

I placed my order, when will it ship?

We are READY TO SHIP. Orders received M-F before 3pm usually ship that day. Orders place after 3pm are shipped the following business day.

My order is being sent as a gift. Does the package include a receipt?

There is not a receipt included with shipments or paperwork included unless you left a note for the recipient.  We are happy to include a handwritten note with your order. Please do so at checkout.

Do you offer gift wrapping?

Our bags ship in clear cellophane and floral bags, but we do not currently offer gift wrapping.


How do I clean my Storage baG?

Spot clean your bags with a mild detergent. Allow to air dry and use an iron to steam any wrinkles. 

How do I Care for my wristlet?

Wristlet+ Care: We do not treat our materials with chemical protectants. Light Colored Matte Finish Vegan Leather Wristlet+ Colors (ex. Taupe, Blush, Grey, Ivory) should not be worn with dark denim or dark colored unwashed clothing as dyes may stain the exterior. We have tested purse protectant sprays (such as Apple Brand Garde Rain & Stain Water Repellent) with our exteriors and they do not discolor the vegan leather. If you choose to use a chemical protectant, please read manufacturer directions carefully before applying. Do not use chemical protectants on Glossy Metallic Finishes (i.e. Rose Gold) or the Cotton Exterior portion of the Wristlet+ (if applicable).

If you do find the need to clean the exterior of your bag, we have tested the following methods with no damage to the integrity of the material: wipe using a damp cloth with mild detergent or Young Living Thieves cleaner then wipe dry; use a wet magic eraser for heavier cleaning.

Cloth Interior Wristlet Care: avoid getting faux leather wet and allow wristlet to dry upside-down to avoid moisture settling into the vegan leather. Any denim wristlet should be washed in the same fashion to avoid the denim bleeding. All denim used is new and unwashed. 



We do accept returns or exchanges within 7 days of your order being received as long as it is unused.  The customer is responsible for shipping. Refunds will be issued once we receive the product.  If there is a defect with your bag please let us know, We'll fix it! 


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